Vault#7 vs deep state, was passiert am Sonntag?

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Hallo zusammen,

In Verbindung mit #pizzagate, der Begriff "Fake News" wurde in Verbindung mit #pizzagate kreirt, bin ich auf die letzten Wikileaks-Tweets aufmerksam geworden.

In Verbindung mit dem hashtag #Vault7 scheint Wikileaks eine größere Veröffentlichung anzukündigen.

New Clinton Emails? WikiLeaks Teasing Public With Mysterious 'Vault 7'

WikiLeaks asked what is Vault 7, where is Vault 7, when is Vault 7. While the world waits for the 'why' and 'who', we assume that the answer as to 'when' is on February 19," a video released by Anonymous Scandinavia on Twitter says.

Internet – Kryptische Botschaften von Wikileaks: #Vault7

#Vault7: Wikileaks Drops New Bombshell vs. Deep State

Near the closing of the Obama regime, a bill was passed versus Russian propaganda, which is actually an anti-Trump attacks all the same. The various agencies listed in that bill constitute the very composition of the IC that the incumbent president Trump is now fighting against.

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