Erschreckende Parallelen zu heute: Hier die Rezension von 'Hayek/Road to Serfdom' durch: Georg Orwell, im Observer, 9 April 1944

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Hallo allerseits,
Erschreckend, ahnt Orwell geradezu, wie allumfassend sich längst Kollektivismus/Totalitarismus in der EU entfalteten...
quasi widerstandlos!
Weil Gebauer die Rezension zitiert, hier für Interessierte der Wortlaut von Georg Orwell!
Of the two, Professor Hayek’s book is perhaps the more valuable, because the views it puts forward are less fashionable at the moment than those of Mr Zilliacus. Shortly, Professor Hayek’s thesis is that Socialism inevitably leads to despotism, and that in Germany the Nazis were able to succeed because the Socialists had already done most of their work for them, especially the intellectual work of weakening the desire for liberty. By bringing the whole of life under the control of the State, Socialism necessarily gives power to an inner ring of bureaucrats, who in almost every case will be men who want power for its own sake and will stick at nothing in order to retain it. Britain, he says, is now going the same road as Germany, with the left-wing intelligentsia in the van and the Tory Party a good second. The only salvation lies in returning to an unplanned economy, free competition, and emphasis on liberty rather than on security.In the negative part of Professor Hayek’s thesis there is a great deal of truth. It cannot be said too often – at any rate, it is not being said nearly often enough – that collectivism is not inherently democratic, but, on the contrary, gives to a tyrannical minority such powers as the Spanish Inquisitors never dreamed of.

Professor Hayek is also probably right in saying that in this country the intellectuals are more totalitarian-minded than the common people. But he does not see, or will not admit, that a return to ‘free’ competition means for the great mass of people a tyranny probably worse, because more irresponsible, than that of the State. The trouble with competitions is that somebody wins them. Professor Hayek denies that free capitalism necessarily leads to monopoly, but in practice that is where it has led, and since the vast majority of people would far rather have State regimentation than slumps and unemployment, the drift towards collectivism is bound to continue if popular opinion has any say in the matter.
Siehe weiter
Wir haben kaum bzw. keine intellektuellen Oppositionellen bzw. Dissidenten mehr:
zum Beispiel damals (...!) Heinrich Böll, dessen Namen die Tarn-Oliv-Grünen wie zum Hohn,
frech und unverschähmt für ihre "wissenschaftliche Stiftung" mißbrauchen...
O-Ton in ähnlichem Zusammenhang von Heinrich Böll:
"Es zieht Einem die Schuhe aus!"
So ist es, leider.

LG Reffke

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