simplicius analysiert sehr umfangreich auf substack, mit einer spannenden Überlegung

Martin, Freitag, 16.02.2024, 12:24 (vor 64 Tagen) @ Dragonfly1962 Views

Sollten die Russen tatsächlich etwas Brauchbares haben und seine These 3 würde zutreffen, würde es spannend:

"3. This explanation is something I’ve been thinking about for some time. The constant slow encroachment from NATO/U.S. has been making itself increasingly painfully felt for Russia. Not only have red lines famously been eroded a little at a time, but most of it has to do with the West’s ISR overmatch, allowing them to have total strategic informational awareness of Russia’s military designs at all times.

This has increasingly led to painful losses like the recent attack on Russian Black Sea Fleet ships, as well as various infrastructure terror strikes happening over the course of the past few weeks, on oil and gas refineries, civilian cities like Belgorod, and much more. There had to have come a point where Russia says “enough” and flexes some sort of asymmetrical muscle to signal for the West to back off.

Thus, this could be a potential new escalation on Russia’s behalf to draw a final red line and issue the implied threat that if you continue meddling and harming us with these assets, we will consider wiping out your entire space-based ISR assets."

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