USA: Machtkampf auf Biegen und Brechen! Das nimmt ein böses Ende... PS Linkkorrektur!

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Hallo Olivia und allerseits,

Im Rest der Welt fast unbemerkt tobt ein erbitterter Kampf um die Macht mit List und Tücke!
Für hiesige Verhältnisse unvorstellbar...noch! [[zigarre]]
Gerade wurde der Speaker vom Congress McCarthy abgesetzt, in dem die Republikaner die Mehrheit haben,
weil er eine opositionelle Gruppe der Reps mit einem heimlichen Deal zwecks Geld für UKR mit den Demokraten betrogen hat.
Die Gruppe um Gaetz hatte ihn nur unter strengsten Auflagen zum Amt verholfen und sieht sich nun im Argwahn ihm gegenüber bestätigt.

Dazu interessant:
"We're In The Middle Of A Revolution" - Victor Davis Hanson Warns Tucker: "The Next 12 Months Will Be The Most Explosive In History"

==> Zur Vorgeschichte immer wieder wichtig zu lesen:
The war in Ukraine is the culmination of a 30-year project of the American neoconservative movement. The Biden Administration is packed with the same neocons who championed the US wars of choice in Serbia (1999), Afghanistan (2001), Iraq (2003), Syria (2011), Libya (2011), and who did so much to provoke Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The neocon track record is one of unmitigated disaster, yet Biden has staffed his team with neocons. As a result, Biden is steering Ukraine, the US, and the European Union towards yet another geopolitical debacle. If Europe has any insight, it will separate itself from these US foreign policy debacles.

The neocon movement emerged in the 1970s around a group of public intellectuals, several of whom were influenced by University of Chicago political scientist Leo Strauss and Yale University classicist Donald Kagan. Neocon leaders included Norman Podhoretz, Irving Kristol, Paul Wolfowitz, Robert Kagan (son of Donald), Frederick Kagan (son of Donald), Victoria Nuland (wife of Robert), Elliott Abrams, and Kimberley Allen Kagan (wife of Frederick).

The main message of the neocons is that the US must predominate in military power in every region of the world, and must confront rising regional powers that could someday challenge US global or regional dominance, most importantly Russia and China. For this purpose, US military force should be pre-positioned in hundreds of military bases around the world and the US should be prepared to lead wars of choice as necessary. The United Nations is to be used by the US only when useful for US purposes.

This approach was spelled out first by Paul Wolfowitz in his draft Defense Policy Guidance (DPG) written for the Department of Defense in 2002. The draft called for extending the US-led security network to the Central and Eastern Europe despite the explicit promise by German Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher in 1990 that German unification would not be followed by NATO’s eastward enlargement. Wolfowitz also made the case for American wars of choice, defending America’s right to act independently, even alone, in response to crises of concern to the US. According to General Wesley Clark, Wolfowitz already made clear to Clark in May 1991 that the US would lead regime-change operations in Iraq, Syria, and other former Soviet allies.

==> Mit Ansage:
Wesley Clark - America's Foreign Policy "Coup"
Retired four-star general and former Democratic Presidential candidate Wesley Clark criticizes the course of U.S. foreign policy in the wake of September 11, 2001.

Es wird kein Kindergeburtstag... garantiert!

LG Reffke

Die Lüge ist wahrer als die Wahrheit, weil die Wahrheit so verlogen ist. André Heller
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