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"At the Zaporozhye NPP, the spent fuel pools and the reactor in the MCU mode (minimum controlled level) are cooled from special" splash "pools, they are located on land and are clearly visible from the satellite. There, water circulates in a closed circuit, gradually evaporates from heating by the sun and it is simply topped up (not from the river).

The cooling pond is separated from the Kakhovka reservoir by a dam and has a couple of gates for "receiving" or "draining" water (depending on the level difference).

The pond is large, I don’t remember a single case when in the summer there was a decrease in the power of the blocks due to the high water temperature in the pond. The pond is divided by a partition into 2 parts, so that water can be taken from one place, and the water that has passed through the turbine condensers can be drained to another. Water "walks" around the ring and cools.

In any case, the Zaporozhye NPP will operate only with the 5th and 6th blocks for the time being, and this pond will definitely be enough for them.

If there is a problem with water, one or more plastic pipes will reach the place where there will still be water in the reservoir and this will be enough to solve it. In this case, you just need to compensate for evaporation and leakage in the reservoir."

Dann hoffen wir mal, das Reservoir bleibt heil ...


Läuft in Deutschland ...

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