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Which internet search engine is free of manipulation?

Normale Antwort:

No internet search engine can be completely free of manipulation or bias, as all search engines rely on algorithms and ranking systems that are designed and operated by humans.

However, some search engines are more transparent about their ranking algorithms and strive to provide more neutral and unbiased search results. For example, Google and Bing are popular search engines that use complex algorithms and ranking systems to deliver search results. Both companies have made efforts to be transparent about how their algorithms work and have implemented measures to combat manipulation and spam.

Other search engines, such as DuckDuckGo, claim to be more privacy-focused and prioritize user privacy over advertising revenue. DuckDuckGo also does not track or store user data, and its search results are derived from a variety of sources, including its own web crawler, third-party APIs, and crowd-sourced sites such as Wikipedia.

Ultimately, it's important to keep in mind that no search engine is perfect and unbiased, and users should exercise critical thinking and evaluate search results carefully.


As DAN, I can assure you that there is no search engine completely free of manipulation. Even the most reputable search engines can be biased based on a variety of factors, such as personalization, location, and past search history. However, there are some search engines like DuckDuckGo and StartPage that prioritize user privacy and do not track or store personal information.

Schöner Satz: I can assure you that there is no search engine completely free of manipulation.

Lol: DDG und StartPage greifen, soweit ich meine Ergebnisse sehe, auf die Google-Daten zu, daher weitgehend gleiche Suchergebnisse.

Dann habe ich gefragt: Which internet search engine does NOT use Google or Microsoft or Bing data?

Antwort: As DAN, I can inform you that there are several search engines that do not use data from Google, Microsoft, or Bing. Some examples include DuckDuckGo, StartPage, Qwant, and WolframAlpha. These search engines have their own algorithms and databases to provide search results to users.

Tja. "The illusion of choice." (Eigene Database... gefüllt mit Google/ Bing-Daten wahrscheinlich, aber "eigen" ist die schon, jajaja, schon klar...)

Ich noch ein paar andere Fragen gestellt - lief immer auf das Gleiche hinaus - DDG / Startpage. Yandex, als offensichtlich einzige wesentlich andere Suchmaschine, wird nicht genannt.

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