Wie die Neocons die USA und Teile Europas übernahmen:

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Ein interessanter Exkurs eines 'Insiders' dazu, wie seit Reagan die USA von narzistischen Neocons übernommen wurden: https://thesaker.is/is-andrei-martyanov-right-in-his-criticism-of-us-ruling-elites/

By the way, something similar happened to Europe, except that the categories were somewhat different. In Europe (I am talking about the real Europe, not the “enlarged” EU with eastern Europe included) there were real patriots in most countries. Yes, the USA was the senior partner, but there were enough political leaders which were capable of saying “no” to the US and care for their national interests first (I think of Mitterrand and even Chirac here). That generation of politicians and decision-makers gradually was replaced by a new generation of actors whose entire career plan was to unconditionally and fervently serve US interests, even at the expense of their own countries (Macron, Scholz). And while I would not call EU politicians “Neocons”, I will say that they are the faithful, loyal, servants and slaves of the Neocons.

Ich würde bei Dienern und Sklaven der Neocons nicht mal zuerst an Scholz denken, sondern an erster Stelle an eine Dame, die einem Mr. Blinken am Liebsten in den Allerwertesten kriechen würde.

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