Russland widerlegt Bucha & Co. auf Twitter

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#Opinion by Maria Zakharova
American Big Tech monopolists continue to mop up the information landscape, clearing it of any facts or arguments undesirable in the West. Twitter is actually bending over backwards. Today, the platform again blocked the Russian Foreign Ministry’s English-language account ( for a period of seven days.

The reason was a ten-minute video ( in English (screenshot (, containing assorted evidence about the provocations organised by the Kiev regime in Bucha, Izyum and Kupyansk. It is substantiated by photo and video footage, including eyewitness interviews collected by the Foundation for the Study of Democracy ( That evidence sheds light on the numerous inconsistencies and manipulations by Kiev fake-makers.

Our overseas counterparts could not bear this kind of freedom of speech and thought. Bottom line: access to the video is restricted, and the account is temporarily blocked.

I would like this online platform’s administration to clarify whether they have taken any action to punish even a single call for violence against Russians and reprisals against Russian citizens. Have they banned at least one quick and dirty anti-Russian fake story posted there? These are rhetorical questions. #ThisIsDifferent

The video that American social media and their handlers find undesirable is available on our other platforms: here, on Telegram (

It is technically possible to block a video, but never the truth.

Inzwischen ist das Video wieder verfügbar,

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