Und was den ersten Punkt angeht

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Was den Vorwurf des Angriff auf "zivile Ziele" angeht

Unable to win or hold territory, Russia continued to pound Ukraine’s infrastructure from the air, mainly using the Iranian “kamikaze” drones Iran officially denies supplying.

Budanov said the strikes were exclusively against civilian infrastructure.

Russian lawmaker Andrey Gurulyov explained the strategy on Russian television.

“The absence of electricity means the absence of water, the absence of refrigerators, the absence of sewers. One week after all electricity is cut off, the city of Kyiv will be swimming in s***. There will be a clear threat of an epidemic,” Gurulyov said.

“We need to knock out the control centres. We’re in the digital age. Data centres with servers control the railways and Ukraine’s energy supply systems as well as banking systems and a mint that prints the money,” Gurulyov said, predicting a “flood of refugees towards Western borders”.

Quelle: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2022/10/26/as-ukraine-war-drags-into-ninth-month-russia-...

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