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Ad hominem wie immer, wenn die Argumente ausgehen.

Dass Du mit den UASF'lern mitziehst, passt bestens ins Bild und überrascht mich kein bisschen mehr angesichts Deiner Unterstützung der Zensoren. Du hast Bitcoin (PoW-System) noch nie verstanden. Ich kann Euch nur ermuntern, dort mitzumachen und dieses kommunistische Manifest zu unterstützen.

Ein paar Kommentare zu diesem Laien-Projekt:

"UASF is just a hard-fork, minus miner support."
"UASF is a hard fork, extended with narrative control."

Emin Gün Sirer, Prof @Cornell, co-director @ , system builder. Passionate about Dist Sys, OSes, Blockchains, NoSQL, and Bitcoin.

"The 'logic' of a 'UASF' is that if a minority throw themselves off a cliff, the majority will follow behind and hand them a parachute before they hit the ground. Plus, I'm not even sure SegWit on a minority chain makes any sense given the Anyone-Can-Spend hack that was used." ~ u/Capt_Roger_Murdock

"It'll also be hilarious if SegWit activates without very much hashpower via a suicidal UASF - and watching all the dumb SegWit/UASF losers get all their coins get stolen, due to the insanely dangerous "anyone-can-spend" hack due to Core/Blockstream's reckless decision to do SegWit as a soft fork (because they're afraid - and probably rightfully so - that any hard fork would remove them from power)." u/ydtm

"I just seen on North Corea: "UASF is an economic boycott against miners who are holding back bitcoin's progress so they can collect high fees." Massive upvoted... Is this some kind of fucking ignorant joke ???" u/the-goat-herder

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