Die FoxNews-Meldung ist aber auch nicht gerade solide

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Rich’s parents, Joel and Mary Ann Rich, said Tuesday through a spokesman that they do not think their son gave any information to WikiLeaks. Rich was shot July 10, 2016, in Northwest Washington’s Bloomingdale neighborhood. D.C. police have repeatedly said that they think Rich was killed in a random robbery attempt, but several conspiracy theories have emerged about his death. No arrests have been made.

“As we’ve seen through the past year of unsubstantiated claims, we see no facts, we have seen no evidence, we have been approached with no emails and only learned about this when contacted by the press,
” Rich’s family said in a statement. “We are a family who is committed to facts, not fake evidence that surfaces every few months to fill the void and distract law enforcement and the general public from finding Seth’s murderers.”....The Rich family’s spokesman, Brad Bauman, said that Wheeler had not been hired by the family but by a “third-party” he identified as Ed Butowsky, a Dallas financier who regularly appears on Fox’s business channels and on other networks. Bauman said that Wheeler offered his services to the family, “claiming he wanted to help.”


Aber schon klar- ein "Raubmord" mit zurückgelassenen Wertsachen und Tod durch einen Schuss in den Rücken sind auch in Washington nicht gerade üblich.

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