Wenn wir bei VT sind, da gab es doch

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schon mal was.., oder nicht?

Source: Was Kemal a Freemason?

In December 1686, more than three hundred Jewish families converted to Islam in Salonica. Like Shabtaiand other Marranos, they continued to attend Jewish services secretly and observed certain Jewishcustoms in their homes.

This was the origin of the most important group, numerically and historically, of Islamic Marranos. The Turkish Muslims called these hidden Jews 'doenmehs', the renegades. ..... Over the years the 'doenmeh' movement became firmly established in Asia Minor. In the nineteenth century the sect wasestimated to have twenty thousand members. Salonica remained its main seat until that city became Greek in 1913. Although the Jewish community remained there under Greek rule, the 'doenmehs' moved to

That's it's all just a little bit of history repeating? <img src=" />


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